The Mission

Gilbane Development Company is developing Atworth, a mixed-use project in College Park, Maryland that embodies the core principles of Smart Growth by fostering safer connectivity while revitalizing an infill, urban location.

The Solution

The project consists of a 431-unit mixed-use enclave defined by great streets and a vibrant Intermodal Village Green. Pedestrian and bike friendly one-way vehicular lanes wrap the site, while highly active building frontages on all four sides of the site will ensure constant foot traffic, continuous eyes on the street and no “back side” to the project. The design avoids dead zones (e.g. parking garages exposed to the street) by programming our primary streets with ground level retail and residential units.

The Details

The project’s primary street level frontage is activated by 11,884 SF of retail, 23 two-story townhome units, 27 live-work loft units and two apartment building residential lobbies.