Turning obstacles into advantages.

Gilbane Development Company’s Public | Private Development Group specializes in implementing innovative real estate solutions for public entities and institutions throughout the United States.

Our Public | Private Partnerships allow people in the public sector to realize new value from under-utilized assets. These partnerships can range from a basic land sale to a complex lease/leaseback transaction. They may also encompass the sale of excess public land or buildings with development covenants; developing a public build-to-suit facility on a ground lease with revenue-sharing provisions; or even exchanges and land swaps which incorporate mixed-use elements and integrate public and private uses.

Our deep understanding of real estate development, finance (taxable and tax-exempt), and project management allows us to provide innovative solutions that minimize financial risk to the public, while offering value for all stakeholders, public and private alike.

In addition to expedited project delivery and lower capital/occupancy costs, our Public | Private partnerships offer:

  • A flexible delivery model
  • Plans to create revenues and/or unlock hidden value
  • Innovative structuring
  • Pre-development guarantees
  • Ways to diversify risk

Download Gilbane’s Public Private Partnership Brochure:

Gilbane's Public Private Partnership Brochure