Capitalize on our financial strength.

Designing a financing program to meet your economic objectives involves understanding your short- and long-term financial goals. Our build-to-suit experience includes assessing your financial, tax operation and accounting priorities and matching them up with the ownership/financing option that suits you best.

Joint ventures, third party ownership and straight ownership are just a few of the alternative capitalization/ownership programs that can help you achieve the specific financial and management goals determined by your long-term real estate strategy. To establish the most appropriate build-to-suit program for you, we conduct a rigorous analysis of transaction options that satisfy cost of occupancy, operating, control, risk profile and balance sheet treatment objectives.

Let us help you untangle the many variables that influence an appropriate ownership structure and cost of occupancy, including:

  • Lease structure and covenants
  • Lease term
  • Credit quality of the tenant
  • Investment quality of the tenant
  • Risk profile of the client (e.g., ability/willingness to take interest rate exposure)
  • Risk profile of the developer/lessor
  • Allocation of tax and property residual value
  • Accounting treatment of lease obligation and tenant improvements
  • Availability of tax incentives or public subsidies
  • Capital market environment
  • Capital structure, such as debt/equity requirements

Our build-to-suit process also integrates and organizes many other interrelated activities such as site identification, design, schedule, debt placement, construction and fit-out with the factors above to ensure timely and informed decision-making. The bottom line: a realistic capitalization plan that works best for you.

“Gilbane assessed our needs, prioritized our objectives and then developed a plan of action for a turnkey program. The execution and results were outstanding.” – Paul Arnett, Former Deputy Director Financial Services, Controller, Loudoun County