Joliet Township High School District 204, Joliet Central High School Student Center Addition

Stunning Historic Restoration of Joliet Central High School’s Campus

Gilbane completed construction of a stunning 43,000 SF addition for Joliet Township High School District 204’s campus in downtown Joliet, Illinois. Key objectives for the project team were to add an expansive student center, an open-plan dining facility, multi-purpose areas, and an elevator to improve ADA accessibility at the Joliet Central High School campus, which serves approximately 3,200 students.

Designed by Wight & Company (Wight), the new structure features a three-story glass curtainwall façade that leads into a bright and inviting student center. Beyond that is a spacious, open-plan dining pavilion that can seat up to 600 people for events. The focal point of the addition is a soaring structure of tubular steel that defines a collaborative space for students where they can study, socialize and access student services. The student collaboration spaces provide upgraded services to students in a 21st century learning environment. Construction of the student center also involved masonry restoration, utilities relocation and parking lot improvements.

Originally built in 1901, Joliet Central High School is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. While the entire project was built to meet the needs of a 21st century educational environment, the historical integrity of the 115-year-old building was preserved. Throughout the project, architectural elements of the existing building were maintained, along with the school’s historical designation. Architectural elements included the incorporation of parapets and a limestone façade that retained the Collegiate Gothic appearance of the main building. A portion of the existing limestone façade underwent restoration, due to its prime location as the interior wall of the galleria.

Genentech, Inc. Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Campus

Gilbane’s proactive safety program resulted in nearly two million safe work hours without a lost time incident on this important project.

Value engineering workshops generated millions in savings to the client

The project included a biopharmaceutical manufacturing building, a laboratory/ office facility, warehouse, and support buildings on a 100-acre greenfield site. Gilbane devised a fast-track, phased construction approach closely tied to Genentech’s manufacturing timetable for products currently in development. Portions of the project were turned over to the owner as they were completed, allowing Genentech to get the necessary start-up and validation processes underway to bring the facilities on-line and start production sooner.

Using a partnering approach, Gilbane worked with the owner and engineer to develop a mission statement, identifying common goals and the factors critical to success. Gilbane added value to the partnership with its extensive technical knowledge of pharmaceutical and biotech facilities. Two Gilbane-led value engineering workshops identified 147 proposals which were accepted by the owner, generating savings of over $35 million.

Gilbane developed a project specific safety program for the Genentech project site, which was closely integrated with the Contractor Controlled Insurance Program (CCIP). The proactive safety program began with first day orientation for every worker and resulted in nearly two million safe work hours without a lost time incident. The success of the Gilbane Safety Program resulted in a $3.5 million savings in insurance costs. Gilbane was also recognized by the AGC of California with its Safety Excellence Award two years in a row. The Gilbane Quality In Construction (QIC) process was implemented on the Genentech project from day one. Over the course of construction 1,370 QIC inspections and events took place. At substantial completion of the high-quality biotech manufacturing building, there were only 114 items on the punch list – less than one item for each of the 205 rooms. As a result of the QIC process, a world-class biotech facility was built with a minimal punch list, resulting in the smoothest start-up of any new facility in Genentech’s 25-year history.

O’Hare International Airport Terminal 5

Complex airport terminal project with significant phasing requirements and aggressive schedule while maintaining ongoing airport operations during construction

As one of the leading builders in the Midwest, Gilbane served as majority partner with four M/WBE firms serving as the construction management team for this four-level international passenger terminal.

Construction of the largest international terminal in the United States presented several challenges including overcoming the difficulties associated with the project’s size, meeting an aggressive schedule, constructing without disruption to existing operations at the world’s busiest airport and building around adjacent construction of the Airport Transit System. Designed by a team of architects including Andrew Heard & Associates, Ltd., Consoer Townsend & Associates, Group One Design and Perkins + Will, Terminal 5 features 21 wide-body gates, 156 ticketing positions, 11 baggage carousels, Federal Inspection and U.S. Customs services, VIP lounges and an automated guideway transit station.

The Residences at Rodney Square in the Delaware Trust Building

The project team is believed to have used the highest free-standing crane in the United States, according to the tower crane company, Maxim. The crane stands 24 stories tall at approximately 400 feet.

Listed on the National Register of Historical Places

The renovation of the Delaware Trust Building complex was to create the renamed Residences at Rodney Square. The complex project consisted of the original south building, the two east and west wings and the black glass Hercules Tower. In order to allow more natural light into each apartment unit and to recreate the courtyard between the wings, the Hercules Tower was demolished to ground level. The building demolition required critical planning and consistent communication to avoid disturbing the surroundings of the historic district. After demolition took place, the Gilbane team worked to refurbish the remaining historical buildings and revitalize them to become a luxury apartment complex.

The renovated building includes residential units, parking spaces on three levels, retail, restaurants and an interior courtyard situated on the top level of the garage. The residential component includes a fitness center, Great Room and swimming pool. The residential units consist of studio apartments and two bedroom (with den) apartments. A luxury complex, residents enjoy a 24-hour concierge, located in downtown Wilmington within the historic downtown Rodney Square.


  • 2003 Safe Site Award for the Delaware Trust Building renovations
  • 2004 Best Commercial Project Award, GBCA
  • 2004 Construction Excellence Award, State of Delaware & Delaware Contractors Assoc.
  • 2005 Thomas & William Gilbane Award

New Castle County Public Safety Building

Construction and demolition in eight phases allowed for vital community services to perform uninterrupted during construction.

Consolidation of multiple offices to improve community support

The New Castle County Public Safety Headquarters enables the Police Department, Social Service Agencies, Paramedics, Fire Chief, 911 Services, and Emergency On-Call services to be consolidated and housed in one location.

The building features police administrative space, a raised floor emergency call center, sally port and processing area with holding rooms, evidence storage, the forensic investigation department, fitness center and locker rooms. Unconventional spaces in this building include a holding cell area, interview rooms, vehicle search bays, a public meeting room, emergency operations command center, 911 communication center, data center, evidence detection room, evidence storage area, arms storage room, latent processing/chemical room, fire arm training simulator (FATS) room, video arraignment, video monitoring, intoxilizer and polygraph rooms.

Due to working in such close proximity to the existing operating police facility, Gilbane developed an eight-stage phasing plan that accommodated demolition of several buildings at different times, relocating and expanding retention ponds, installing temporary access and parking, and relocating existing and installing new site utilities. The phasing allowed for uninterrupted occupation to the police services building that is in use 24/7.

After the departments in the existing adjacent building relocated into the new space, Gilbane completed demolition of the original building, as well as additional site work including parking lots and retention ponds.

Nemours Building Renovation

Worldwide communications and security systems kept online during renovations.

coordination supports Multiple Projects on the same site

Built in the 1930s and historically certifiable, the 13-story Nemours Building, located in downtown Wilmington was renovated to accommodate residential, retail and office space. Renovations of core and shell elements of the existing 725,000-SF building included interior demolition, elevator modernization, new core bathrooms and elevator lobbies, main lobby renovations and mechanical modifications. The exterior façade was also restored to provide a refreshed streetscape and include energy efficient windows into the design. Gilbane skillfully coordinated the multiple sector projects to ensure a seamless delivery.

The residential floors consist of 85 apartments that include a mix of studios, one bedroom and two bedroom units. The common floors add a community space to the development and consist of three different conference rooms, a great room with a TV, pool table, fitness center and laundry facilities. The building also boasts multiple unique amenities for residents and tenants to enjoy, including printing services, a bank, a specialty restaurant, hair salon, a credit union, Starbucks and a theatre.

Township High School District 113 Master Plan Implementation

Gilbane offers flexibility and strategies to provide students with the best learning environment at the greatest value.


Gilbane served as Construction Manager for Township High School District 113’s Master Plan. The program included Highland Park High School which accommodates 2,100 students and Deerfield High School which accommodates 1,750 students. The massive, four-year comprehensive program included the construction of 185,000 SF of facility space, as well as the renovation of 290,000 SF of space.

Projects included significant MEP infrastructure upgrades to mechanical, plumbing, fire protection and electrical areas throughout the schools. Technology, security, window, exterior skin, and roofing upgrades and the in-fill of the library/media center at Deerfield High School were also included. Scope of work also encompassed the addition of two new, three-court, multipurpose gymnasiums as well as two, eight-lane pools with separate diving wells. The existing “C-Building and C-Annex” facilities at Highland Park were demolished and replaced with academic buildings.

Joliet Township High School District 204 Capital Improvement Program

Innovative scheduling approach resulted in a schedule reduction from five to two years

Joliet Township High School District 204 has been a prominent landmark in the city of Joliet for more than a century. Although Joliet Central was listed on the National Register of Historic Buildings, the building was in disrepair and required expensive maintenance. Not to mention, the building required updates in order to better serve the educational and space needs of the District. The administration faced the tough challenge of enhancing the learning environment with modern technology upgrades, while still preserving the historical tradition important to many community members.

Since Joliet Central is listed on the National Register of Historic Buildings, all renovations had to be approved by appropriate government agencies. Gilbane worked with key stakeholders and community members to address practical facility concerns without compromising the historical quality of the building. The Illinois Historic Preservation Agency provided the expertise and oversight needed so the District could successfully implement the district-wide master plan.

The fieldhouse additions were designed to blend with the character of the existing campus including the particular application of masonry detailing at the Central Campus to blend with the architecture of the school. The construction of the Gothic-style pedestrian bridge visually provides a cohesive link between the old and new. It also serves as a visual representation of how the District will approach future renovations and construction projects – a focus on continuous improvement, while still respecting the school’s heritage.

Philadelphia Intl Airport Expansion | Terminal D, E, F Expansion

Gilbane delivers new modern and efficient terminals to Philadelphia International Airport to enhance its travelers’ experience.

Gilbane was selected to provide construction management services for the Philadelphia International Airport Terminal D-E Expansion Project that included an addition of 400,000 SF and renovations to the existing facility.  The objective of new 210,000 Square Foot, four-story connector building between Terminals D and E focused on four areas:

  • Create a continuous secure airside connection between all gates between the International Terminal and Terminal E preventing ticketed passengers from passing through security more than once.
  •  Maximize capacity and optimize TSA personnel at passenger screening checkpoint with a centralized DOA administration area. Removal of temporary x-ray equipment located in ticketing lobbies to larger facilities in back-of-house and to create ticketing lobbies for additional passenger queuing area.
  •  Institute a new in-line EDS baggage screening system with ten x-ray machines, a new security screening area featuring a 14-lane passenger security checkpoint, public circulation on both landside and airside, centralized DOA offices, airport concessions, and a relaxing airline club.
  •  Execute critical boiler and chiller upgrades in the existing satellite thermal plant and to the existing MEP systems and BAS (Building Automation Systems) controls throughout Terminals D and E.

Gilbane also provided construction management services for the Terminal F single-level hub-airline commuter facility expansion. This compound is equipped with 38 commuter gates; 24 of which accommodate a new generation of aircrafts. A new terminal space, passenger movement areas and baggage systems were also added.   Terminal F now features a new, enclosed pedestrian connector bridge to Terminal E to enable circulation between Terminal F and the adjoining terminal complex and the “E” Parking Garage.

The Aston

A strong partnership with Architect and Owner ensured quality construction in compliance with design requirements.

A Quality Mixed-Use Construction Project Rises Within a Tight Urban Setting

Gilbane provided construction management services for The Aston, a new mixed-use residential tower in Forest Hills, Queens, NY. The building’s tight urban site is located on a major thoroughfare in the area, and is adjacent to existing structures on three of its four sides. The building consists of 97 residential units, a two-story underground parking garage, and retail space throughout its first floor. Each apartment includes high end flooring, kitchens, and fixtures. As construction manager, Gilbane focused on ensuring quality construction throughout the project and consistent compliance with the design requirements of the building.