Fraud Alert

Important Hiring Notice: Please Read

Fake Job Scams: Don’t Be Fooled

Gilbane has received information about fraudulent employment offers from persons or organizations appearing to represent Gilbane staff. These fraudulent offers of employment have appeared on social media sites or as unsolicited emails targeting individuals. If you received such an unsolicited email offering a position with Gilbane, it is likely that the email you received is a scam.

Fraudulent job scams are increasing across the globe and target many businesses across all industries, and scammers are always attempting to make them more convincing to their victims. Scams may include company logos in emails or on false websites, and may even identify Gilbane managers or staff with phone numbers and spoofed email addresses. These scams are intended to coax unaware recipients into giving up their personal information, such as a driver’s license, Social Security Number, bank account information, and sometimes money.

Individuals making any such fraudulent offers of employment are not affiliated with Gilbane in any way, and such fraudulent offers are made without the knowledge or approval of Gilbane.

What You Should Know

Gilbane does not extend unsolicited offers of employment by email or by unsolicited contact through social media platforms. To be considered for employment at Gilbane all prospective candidates must create a profile on our career site using our Careers web portal, available at the link provided below. We encourage you to search and apply for positions in the Gilbane location(s) you desire.

For a list of all Gilbane jobs, visit our Careers page.

Gilbane will never ask candidates for money or bank details during our application process.

What You Should Do

Gilbane strongly recommends you treat any such emails with caution.

• Do not open any attachments, or click any links embedded in any suspicious email.

• Do not reply to, telephone, or share any information with the sender.

• Report such scams to the owner of the email or website domain. For example, if you see an email from, report the email or site to Google.

• Delete any such emails.

If you believe that you are the victim of identity theft after having submitted personal information to the scammers, Gilbane strongly encourages you to report the incident to your local or national law enforcement authorities.