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Career Growth & Development

A key component of our commitment to building more than buildings is the investment we make in all of our employees’ career development. Gilbane has been recognized 17 times as a top training organization by Training Magazine, showing our sustained commitment to learning and developing talent through best in class programs and services.

Gilbane University

Gilbane University is our flagship internal training and talent development organization. Building better builders is our goal, and we take an end to end, long term view of our employees’ career paths to ensure they can reach their full potential, for their benefit as well as that of our clients. Classes cover a wide range of methods, including virtual lessons, in person conferences, videos, and VR courses targeted toward all roles within the company. Gilbane University enables you to learn what you want to learn, how you want to learn it, all at your own pace. Whatever your goals for personal growth are, Gilbane can offer you the tools to meet and exceed those goals.

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Lifelong Learning Starts at the Top

Central to the success of our talent development programs is full buy-in from our leadership team: senior level employees are living examples of our company-wide commitment to lifelong learning. They regularly facilitate classes and engage as formal and informal mentors. At Gilbane, all leaders understand that this comes with the territory, and our leaders learn just as much as they teach from early-career, curious, innovative employees. They love giving back and investing in our company’s future.

At Gilbane, people are our greatest resource and their personal and professional development is vital to our success. I’m honored every day to mentor and learn from such a diverse group of individuals.
Paul Choquette III
Senior Vice President

Building Leaders at All Levels

At Gilbane, no matter your role, we provide you opportunities to lead. Employees who seize these opportunities may receive an opportunity to join our Management Candidate Acceleration Program (MCAP), an intensive two year course that combines hands on, experiential learning with technical and leadership skill building to provide you with experiences proven to help you master key skills in a variety of roles.

Gilbane’s Leadership Development Program (GLDP) is a year-long program for future business unit and department leaders. Participants attend a multiday training retreat at Babson University, engaging in one-on-one conversations with top executives and building capabilities through courses in areas like strategic decision making and financial acumen. Participants then spend 12 months executing action-learning assignments, solving real business problems. Organizational innovations around Design Build execution and supply chain management are just a few examples of outcomes of past GLDP teams

Gilbane’s MCAP welcome’s new graduates in 2019

Find Your Perfect Fit

At Gilbane, what matters to employees matters to us at every level. As your goals evolve over time, you can pivot to a new role within the company thanks to our training and development tools. In addition to our award-winning Gilbane University, employees can take advantage of our tuition reimbursement programs. If you’d like to learn more about the career paths available at Gilbane, please click on the persona below that most closely aligns with where you are in your career, and see how we can help you reach the next level.

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