Supporting Our Troops

Gilbane is proud to support the men and women of the military in the local communities in which we do business, throughout the United States, and throughout the world including hostile and austere environments.

Federal Support our TroopsWe have worked, and will continue working, side-by-side with our troops in the field in the hostile and dangerous locations in which they serve.

The many projects we have implemented in theaters such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Korea, and other challenging environments, include barracks, guest quarters, dining facilities, clinics, hospitals, gymnasiums, community and conference centers, fire stations, warehouses, vehicle support facilities, and administration buildings. We’ve implemented numerous infrastructure projects in support of our troops including clean, safe water supply and distribution systems, storm water management, sewage collection and treatment, and power generation and distribution projects.

On behalf of all of us at Gilbane, “We are honored to serve beside you in Afghanistan, Iraq, Korea, and other far-reaching corners of the globe in which you so tirelessly demonstrate your bravery, dedication, and selfless service to the American people.”