Joint Venture of Austin Commercial and Gilbane Building Company Awarded Mickey Leland International Terminal Project

New state of the art facility will feature contemporary design and features.

Houston, Texas – July 19, 2017 – The joint venture of Austin Commercial and Gilbane Building Company, nationally recognized leaders in construction services, has been selected by the City of Houston as the Construction Manager for the delivery of the Houston Airport System Mickey Leland International Terminal located at George Bush International Airport.

The new terminal will be larger than the existing terminal in terms of size and operational capacity and will have enhanced features through contemporary design to include spacious ticket counters, expanded security checkpoints, waiting areas, modern concessions, clubrooms and restroom facilities. The facility is planned for 12 wide-body gates, including two gates for A380 aircraft, primarily on two double-loaded pier concourses. These gates will also be able to accommodate up to 20 narrow-body aircraft in alternative configurations.

The project includes connections to other airport facilities, terminal processor facilities at the Federal Inspection Services (FIS) in Terminal E, and a connection to Terminal B. In addition, the project will feature associated landside, apron, and utilities components. The City of Houston had a preconstruction phase MBE/WBE level of participation of 10%. The Austin/Gilbane team plan to exceed that requirement by 50%.

“Austin Commercial looks forward to constructing its seventh major international terminal and having the opportunity to build another landmark project in the Houston community,” said Steve Penson, Vice President with Austin Commercial.

“We are excited to be part of such a prominent project for the City of Houston and the Houston Airport System as we continue more than three decades of service to this great community and our city,” said Dan Gilbane, Southwest Division Leader with Gilbane Building Company.

About Austin Commercial 

Austin Commercial is one of the largest, most diversified builders in the United States. Austin is nationally recognized for their exceptional safety records, diversity-inclusion program and innovative construction solutions in the following markets: advanced technology, aviation, corporate/office, healthcare, hospitality, mission critical, mixed-use/retail/residential, public assembly and sports, and university. Austin is a 100 percent employee-owned company and has 12 office locations throughout the United States. For more information, visit

About Gilbane Building Company 

Gilbane provides a full slate of construction and facilities-related services – from pre-construction planning and integrated consulting capabilities to comprehensive construction management, general contracting, design-build and facility management services – for clients across various markets. Founded in 1873 and still a privately held, family-owned company, Gilbane has more than 50 office locations around the world. For more information, visit

O’Hare International Airport Terminal 5

Complex airport terminal project with significant phasing requirements and aggressive schedule while maintaining ongoing airport operations during construction

As one of the leading builders in the Midwest, Gilbane served as majority partner with four M/WBE firms serving as the construction management team for this four-level international passenger terminal.

Construction of the largest international terminal in the United States presented several challenges including overcoming the difficulties associated with the project’s size, meeting an aggressive schedule, constructing without disruption to existing operations at the world’s busiest airport and building around adjacent construction of the Airport Transit System. Designed by a team of architects including Andrew Heard & Associates, Ltd., Consoer Townsend & Associates, Group One Design and Perkins + Will, Terminal 5 features 21 wide-body gates, 156 ticketing positions, 11 baggage carousels, Federal Inspection and U.S. Customs services, VIP lounges and an automated guideway transit station.

Tahoe City Transit Center

Gilbane’s award-winning safety pro­grams ensure that security is never compromised.

Transit Center wins multiple awards

Gilbane provided General Contractor services for the Tahoe City Transit Center (TCTC) in Tahoe City, California, at the gateway of North Lake Tahoe.    The Tahoe City Transit Center is located in the eastern portion of Placer County near the shores of Lake Tahoe. Specifically, the project is nestled onto U.S. Forest Service-owned land near the intersection of Highways 28 and 89 in Tahoe City, California. The Transit Center including the parking lot and access roads covers about 2.5 acres and serves as a hub and transfer point for Placer County’s TART buses. The Center is situated adjacent to hiking and bike paths allowing for easy access from different modes of transportation.

The project included a 5,900 square-feet transit center now signifying a more sustainable transportation network for the basin in the North Lake Tahoe Area and houses restrooms, administrative space, and an enclosed waiting area which can accommodate up to 40 people.  The Facility also included parking for 130 cars, a bus loop, built-in bike lockers and landscape native to Lake Tahoe.

A snow melt system around the edge of the roof gradually melts the snow, and a rainwater harvesting system collects the water in gutters, stores it in a 4,000-gallon cistern, and reuses it for irrigation and toilet flushing. The building conserves energy in a number of ways. Laminated solar cells are integrated into the roof, supplying most of the facility’s peak load. Operable windows and a clerestory facilitate natural ventilation. Thermally massive walls, high-performance insulated glazing, and radiant heating further reduce energy consumption.

“The Center is a well-done project in many ways, from the site on which it’s built, to the local materials used in its construction and to its overall functionality,”
-Peter Kraatz, Assistant Director of the Placer County Department of Public Works

Mountain West Aviation Hanger Replacement

Gilbane provides new hangar at Lake Tahoe Municipal Airport

Project Included demolition of existing hangar and unique trench drains around the unit

Gilbane provided general contractor services for this 4,900 square-foot private aircraft hangar at the South Lake Tahoe Municipal Airport.  The project included demolition of the existing airport hangar and installation of a new metal building Hanger in its place, and also consisted of over-excavation for new foundation work, continuous footing substructure, site improvement of adjacent area for drainage, and overall of existing gas line infrastructure.  The building was constructed utilizing a pre-engineered metal building with insulated metal panels and pocket doors, 10×10 storage in the first floor with a similar room on the second level.  The facility also included a number of gas-fired unit heaters, complete fire & burglar alarm system.

A unique aspect of the facility and site is the non-existence of any sewer line nearby and therefore the trench drains around the building for storm water runoff were designed to run to an infiltration pit after passing through a sand-oil separator with monitoring wells.

“The Gilbane Team did an outstanding job in resolving issues.  Gilbane is going to be a real asset to the Northern Nevada Construction Industry.  With their leadership, they are great for the community and cannot be compared to other General Contractors in the area.”
-Ralph Smith, President of Development Resource Management Group, LLC.

The New York Wheel

Constructing the New York Wheel, the world’s tallest observation deck in the western hemisphere

New Wheel to activate the riverfront at Staten Island

Gilbane is providing construction management at-risk services for a new mixed-use destination district on Staten Island’s north shore featuring the New York Wheel. The New York Wheel will be the tallest observation wheel in the western hemisphere standing at 630 feet tall and will be easily accessible from the Staten Island Ferry, with generous car and bus parking on-site. The New York wheel promises to become one of New York City’s greatest landmark attractions and will activate Staten Island’s riverfront.

The new landmark will attract visitors and residents alike, providing a universally accessible, high-quality public space aimed at transforming the waterfront. Expected to attract more than three million visitors annually once it officially opens, the New York Wheel will offer spectacular views of New York Harbor including lower Manhattan, the Statue of Liberty, Coney Island, and the Brooklyn and Verrazano Bridges – and a new vantage point of all of the city’s treasured icons. The site will include a 68,000-SF terminal building that will house educational and digitized exhibitions on New York City history and alternative energy. There will also be a 950-space parking garage and above-grade bus drive encapsulated with outdoor activity space including rooftop dining and entertainment area. The project has extensive sustainability programs targeting LEED Gold certification.

“Staten Island is on the precipice of major economic changes, thanks to North Shore development projects like the Wheel,” said Staten Island Borough President James Oddo. “It is genuinely exciting to see this project taking shape. With the Wheel’s final concrete pour completed, we are one step closer to transforming the North Shore. The New York Wheel is going to play a major role in the revitalization of our waterfront, and I am thrilled to see this next step in construction come to completion.”

The New York Wheel will also include a new parking garage with a five-acre green roof- one of the largest in North America- which can accommodate large scale events including concerts, food festivals and corporate gatherings. To watch Gilbane perform live construction on the Wheel, tune into the live camera running 24/7 at

Philadelphia Intl Airport Expansion | Terminal D, E, F Expansion

Gilbane delivers new modern and efficient terminals to Philadelphia International Airport to enhance its travelers’ experience.

Gilbane was selected to provide construction management services for the Philadelphia International Airport Terminal D-E Expansion Project that included an addition of 400,000 SF and renovations to the existing facility.  The objective of new 210,000 Square Foot, four-story connector building between Terminals D and E focused on four areas:

  • Create a continuous secure airside connection between all gates between the International Terminal and Terminal E preventing ticketed passengers from passing through security more than once.
  •  Maximize capacity and optimize TSA personnel at passenger screening checkpoint with a centralized DOA administration area. Removal of temporary x-ray equipment located in ticketing lobbies to larger facilities in back-of-house and to create ticketing lobbies for additional passenger queuing area.
  •  Institute a new in-line EDS baggage screening system with ten x-ray machines, a new security screening area featuring a 14-lane passenger security checkpoint, public circulation on both landside and airside, centralized DOA offices, airport concessions, and a relaxing airline club.
  •  Execute critical boiler and chiller upgrades in the existing satellite thermal plant and to the existing MEP systems and BAS (Building Automation Systems) controls throughout Terminals D and E.

Gilbane also provided construction management services for the Terminal F single-level hub-airline commuter facility expansion. This compound is equipped with 38 commuter gates; 24 of which accommodate a new generation of aircrafts. A new terminal space, passenger movement areas and baggage systems were also added.   Terminal F now features a new, enclosed pedestrian connector bridge to Terminal E to enable circulation between Terminal F and the adjoining terminal complex and the “E” Parking Garage.


Gilbane brought a “builder make it happen” mentality to the project.

All along the eastern United States CSX upgraded its freight rail lines, switches, signals, and bridges from Chicago, IL, to Jacksonville, FL; Jacksonville, FL, to Virginia; New York City, NY, to Albany, NY.

  • 52 projects, including nine (9) related only to signal control
  • Of the 37 “build” jobs on this contract, 33 were supervised directly by Gilbane
  • Over 300 bids involved
  • As many as eight superintendents were in the field to oversee construction, push schedules, and monitor costs
  • The projects put-in-place represented an additional 95 miles of lines to CSX’s system

Based on the success of the Capacity Improvement Program and the satisfaction with Gilbane, CSX awarded Gilbane the preconstruction of S Line projects in Florida. Architects on the project included: HDR; TranSystems Corporation; HNTB; AECOM/DMJM; STV Group, Inc.; AECOM/URS Corporation

Fire Detection and Suppression System Modifications at Grissom Air Reserve Base

Gilbane’s federal team upgrades fire detection and suppression systems for five U.S. Air Force hangars.

Gilbane modified fire alarm detection and fire suppression systems in four hangars and constructed completely new systems in a fifth hanger. The modifications required re-piping water lines to pressurize the high-expansion foam (HEF) bladder tank, adding/modifying tamper switches connected to the fire alarm panel, reprogramming fire alarm panels, replacing software programs to support hardware changes, relocating HEF generators to meet new time requirements, replacing floor-monitor nozzles and stands, rebuilding valves, replacing a 12-inch fire main lead-in, and replacing sprinklers.

For the new fire protection systems in the fifth hangar, Gilbane installed an underground 12-inch main to the hangar, constructed a riser room, and provided complete new systems. These included a conventional wet-pipe system and an HEF system with a storage tank, ceiling-mounted HEF generators, all valves, piping, and controls, signage, fire alarm panels, and control panels. The systems included transmitting antennae and panels that relayed system status to the Base Fire Department.

Post Hurricane Ivan Construction Repairs at Hurlburt Airfield

Emergency response construction team responds for critical airfield repairs after Hurricane Ivan.

Gilbane’s federal team  mobilized quickly to Hurlburt Field to provide emergency repairs to damaged airfield caused by Hurricane Ivan.  The team replaced the runway approach lighting and associated power supply system; replaced lighting fixtures and utility poles throughout the Base; replaced and installed rolling gates at the POL area, helicopter pad area, weapons storage area, the fire station and at Frazier Street; and replaced lighting in various buildings.

Hurlburt Field is an active airport; therefore, installation of new lighting fixtures on the flight line needed careful coordination with flight line managers to minimize interruption of flight operations. Gilbane performed the work, which involved installing 24 light fixtures—each weighing 80 lbs—on two 54-foot-high standards, using a tall crane under the terms of a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) construction permit, without disrupting flight operations. Gilbane also re-wired the entire airfield, including installation of new circuits, using scheduled interruptions in flight operations during weekends.

Multiple Fuels Projects at Incirlik Air Base

Large Fuel Repair Contract Helps Gilbane Expand Project Delivery Across Europe

Gilbane is providing fuel system repair services at Incirlik Air Base under a contract with the Air Force Civil Engineering Center (AFCEC). This project valued at over $3.5 million continues our previous work in Turkey during 2012, and is part of a larger host of multiple projects the U.S. Air Force has slated for completion at Incirlik Air Base.

The project involves numerous tasks to repair Incirlik Air Base fueling facilities. Major tasks include repairs to the refueling truck parking area  (extra-thick concrete pavement with custom curbs), valves and control equipment repairs (computer logic programming, hardware interface, and pump installation), and fuel pipeline repairs.

This strategic project in Turkey expands Gilbane’s ability to provide clients with competitive project execution throughout Europe by providing and efficiently strong business hub on the continent.