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Ash Pile Sampling and Remediation, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Detailed coordination efforts allowed Gilbane to safely remove Low Level Radiological Waste (LLRW) and hazardous waste in an ash pile on a steep slope at LANL. Activities included sampling, characterization and waste characterization of LLRW and hazardous waste.

Early decisions critical in center that offers one-stop care

At Los Alamos Airport, Gilbane managed the removal of a large ash pile containing low-level radioactive materials, PCBs, PAHs, lead, metals, asbestos, dioxins, and pesticides near LANL. The ash pile, which was associated with a DOE/LANL incinerator that operated from the 1940s to the 1970s, covered a 30,000-square-foot area and was up to 10 feet thick. The site of the ash pile was scheduled for cleanup and closure as part of the DOE Land Transfer Project to Los Alamos County.

This project was unique because the ash pile was located on a steep hillside, which required Gilbane to perform sampling and removal activities on 70-degree slopes. Gilbane personnel experienced in rappelling performed the sampling, so they could safely reach the ash and obtain samples. Forward planning and focused safety operations were critical to the success of the project. Gilbane removed approximately 320 cubic yards of uncontaminated debris and 3,500 cubic yards of ash with metallic debris and impacted soil from the steep hillside using an innovative combination of specialized logging equipment and vacuum systems, as well as mechanical excavation and handpicking of the debris.

Technical Area TA-21 Tritium Research Cluster, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Coordinated efforts in a Department Of Energy site allowed multiple tasks to be completed concurrently.

Decommissioning and Demolition of multiple structures

Gilbane performed decommissioning and demolition (D&D) of multiple structures, systems, slabs and below grade structural features, as well as removal of radioactive and/or hazardous materials (above and below grade) and remediation of underlying soils.

Notification of State of New Mexico, and Secondary Utility Disconnect Verification and Air Gapping was also performed by Gilbane. Readiness Review with a Gilbane-supplied Management Self-Assessment was successfully completed, as well as support closeout of pre- and post-start findings. D&D of TA-21-209 included all the roof, exterior walls, and interior columns; however, the end result/condition required the basement floor and the basement walls up to 3-feet below grade to remain in-place.

Radiological scoping surveys were performed and developed into characterization surveys which were used to decontaminate internal surfaces. Final surveys were performed and reviewed by DOE (who self-regulates similar to NRC) allowing clean demolition and recycle of the building structure. Abatement of HazMat (PCB transformers, asbestos, etc.) was also performed prior to demolition. Gilbane acquired and closed out New Mexico permits for Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP).

Gilbane performed a final status survey in accordance with the MARSSIM requirements. The results of this survey were documented in a Final Survey Report and approved by LANL prior to demolition.

Gilbane Building Company and Onondaga County Win National Award for Lakeview Amphitheater Project

Competition spotlights the pinnacle of project achievement across the U.S.

Engineering News-Record (ENR) has announced the winners of their national “Best of the Best Projects 2016” awards and Gilbane Building Company and Onondaga County was awarded the “Best of the Best Government/Public Building Project” for the Lakeview Amphitheater.

Last August, Gilbane Building Company and Onondaga County were awarded the “ENR New York’s Best Projects 2016” for best Government/Public Project and for Excellence in Safety. From there, the Lakeview Amphitheater project was elevated to the national competition for evaluation. According to ENR, a brand new set of judges from across the country and from all walks of the industry examined each project in an effort to distinguish the best from the best in terms of teamwork, safety, overcoming challenges, innovation and quality.

County Executive Joanie Mahoney said, “The Lakeview Amphitheater has been a tremendous success. Over 200,000 people came to the amphitheater this past season to enjoy this world class facility on the shore of Onondaga Lake. Gilbane did an amazing job while meeting an aggressive timetable. Onondaga County is grateful for their partnership and honored to share this award with them.”
Bill Gilbane III said, “We’re so proud to share this honor with the county as it reflects the collaboration that occurred throughout the project’s duration. This award is recognition of the county’s leadership in maximizing public funds, promoting diversity and engaging with their community to deliver this innovative project to Onondaga County.”

Gilbane Building Company has been providing construction services in New York since 1949 and employs more than 350 construction professionals across offices in New York City, Syracuse, Rochester, Buffalo and Albany. Recently listed by Crain’s New York as the 2016 largest growing construction company, Gilbane’s New York division is led by senior vice president and managing director, Bill Gilbane III.

More information on the awards can be found at:

Nevada Air National Guard Fire Station Replacement

State of the art two-story building included many specialized systems

Award winning project with many sustainable features

Gilbane provided general contractor services for the Nevada Air National Guard (NANG) in Reno, NV.    The new fire station replaced the existing inadequate station and consisted of a two story building with administrative offices, training and conference rooms, sleeping quarters, individual bedrooms, laundry, living room, and a kitchen for fire department personnel.  The main focus of the facility was the seven apparatus bays for fire trucks and other dispatch vehicles which were unique in that each bay was serviceable from each side of the building via Large Automatic Four-Fold Glass Doors.

This facility was state of the art and included N+2 redundancy as well as a number of specialized systems including but not limited to: Compressed Air package system, SCBA Breathing Air Compressor System, Solar Water Collector System with 19 roof mounted Panels, Wash Bay Equipment for Truck/Car Wash, Vehicle Exhaust Removal System, Blast Resistant Glazing, Air-to-Air Energy Recovery System, Radiant Heating Flooring System, Fire Station Alert System, Mass Notification System & Public Address.

 “Gilbane brought in an experienced team.  Fairness sticks out in my mind when it comes to change orders.  It was a challenging and complicated project and Gilbane’s technical expertise and high quality of service was great.  Also, the follow up after the project ended was remarkable and Gilbane has stayed involved.”
-Lt Col Robert Nicholas, BCE – Nevada Air National Guard – 152nd Airlift Wing.

Architects are Burns & McDonnell and H&K Architects

General Services Administration G.T. Mickey Leland Federal Building Repair & Installation

After conducting an extensive design-build selection process, the General Services Administration selected Gilbane and Gensler as the team to provide extensive repairs and alterations to the Mickey Leland Federal Building in downtown Houston

A Comprehensive modernization project which led to a more soaring appearance and an improved visitor and tenant experience

After conducting an extensive design-build selection process, the General Services Administration selected Gilbane and Gensler as the design-build team to provide repairs and alterations to the G.T. “Mickey” Leland Federal Building in downtown Houston.

The 22-story high-rise office tower was built in 1983 and was in need of a comprehensive modernization and upgrade, including a complete façade replacement to address air and water infiltration and energy conservation. In addition to the window and curtainwall systems, renovations included HVAC modernization, ADA improvements, completely new ceilings and lighting systems, and upgrades to the building lobby and common areas such as the public plaza, garage and a breezeway/tunnel connection between.

The building is home to more than 15 federal government agencies and a number of congressional offices. It was over 95% occupied and continued to be occupied and fully functioning during the project. Building operation continuity, tenant safety and minimizing disruption to tenants were major aspects of the project execution.

Among several project innovations, the design-build team utilized Building Information Modeling (BIM), an aggressive tenant swing space phasing plan, and a unique recladding technique to deliver the project significantly below the stated construction cost estimate means the project was completed well ahead of the GSA’s desired schedule. As such, the team was able to provide several betterments and multiple MEP systems improvements that offered an estimated 5% more energy efficiency than anticipated.

Consistent with the GSA’s goal of improving the public’s “first impressions” of the building, the design team set out to address both image and functionality on the entire project, including primarily the building’s envelope, entry and security sequence, and public plaza. The result was an office tower with a distinctly more soaring appearance, an improved visitor and tenant experience, and an overall image befitting the stature of a modern Federal building.

As with all GSA projects, the project was required to achieve a minimum LEED Silver rating, although the design-build team achieved LEED Gold. In addition, the GSA Design Excellence, First Impressions, and Art in Architecture design programs were an integral part of the project.

Department of Commerce Herbert C. Hoover Building Modernization

As part of the Federal Triangle Complex, the Department of Commerce Herbert C. Hoover building remains fully operational as 13 years of renovations ensue.

Multi-phase project involving comprehensive modernizations

Operational for over 85 years and located in the heart of our nation’s capital, the 1930’s Herbert C. Hoover U.S. Department of Commerce building is home to the White House Visitor Center as well as approximately 3,500 dedicated employees, concerned for the economic growth of America. The visible day-to-day wear and tear of the building launched a General Services Administration (GSA) modernization initiative back in 2008 with Gilbane|Grunley, as a joint venture, chosen to take on the 13 year, 8-phase project as GSA’s Construction Manager as Constructor (CMc). Working in downtown Washington DC, the goal of the project is to renovate crucial building systems,  rejuvenate structural deterioration as well as restore comprehensive cosmetics,  all while maintaining the utmost importance on the integrity and safety of employee and pedestrian traffic throughout the interior and exterior of the occupied building.

Having already completed the first 3 phases, Gilbane|Grunley began their quest focusing on the crucial primary electrical systems, select life safety and ADA upgrades, abatement of hazardous material, the build- out of and installation of a new roof and skylight over Courtyard 6, and replacement of the cooling towers. The build-out of Courtyard 6 for swing space was crucial to daily operations of the building as the occupants have used that area for temporary operations through all phases of construction. The exterior cleaning and re-pointing of the Pennsylvania Avenue façade brought the exterior upgrades to life as pedestrians could admire the work being done.

Since then, phases 2 and 3 included an full renovation of the South portion of the building from top to bottom. This consisted of historical restoration work in the bathrooms and elevator lobbies as well as cleaning and restoration of the entire exterior of the building. Major constructability issues that eliminated potential cost and time impacts were resolved during the pre-construction process. We performed numerous value engineering exercises to comply with the budget constraints, were successful at achieving the project funding goals, and provided an uncompromised quality product.

Currently, phase 4 involves replacing the electrical distribution, plumbing, HVAC, ceiling, and lighting systems. System updates also include the installation of a new fire alarm and sprinkler system. To ensure the safety of the building, the team has begun the remediation of existing structural issues, replacement of failing interior perimeter walls, ADA compliance, retrofitting stairwells to mitigate seismic collapse, and the installation of tenant improvements.

In addition to the upgrades and renovations, Gilbane|Grunley will be reconstructing all new administrative office spaces, conference and meeting room space, public areas, bathrooms, SCIF spaces and a data center. By the end of this 13-year project, the historical U.S Department of Commerce Herbert C. Hoover building will be brought back to life, transcending time for years to come. Our focus remains on the integrity of the building, safety of its people, and rejuvenating the majestic architecture that has stood the test of time.

Gilbane Building Company Honored at the AGC Alliant Build America Awards

Gilbane recognized with three award wins by AGC Alliant Build America.

New York, NY – March 10, 2016 – Leading global construction and facilities-related services firm, Gilbane Building Company won three awards at the AGC Alliant Build America Awards in San Antonio, TX on March 10. The Kings Theatre Renovation and Corning Museum of Glass Steuben Expansion in New York, as well as the Ministry of Defense Headquarters in Afghanistan were all recognized for project excellence.

Kings Theatre, the historical theatre revitalization in Brooklyn, New York won the Building $10-199 Million Renovation category. The project took two years to complete, returning the brilliance and majesty inherent in Kings’ wondrous design to the Brooklyn community. It created a modern multi-purpose performance venue for music concerts, theatre, dance, comedy and special events. Gilbane construction workers expanded the theatre from its original 85,000-square-foot space to over 109,000-square-foot, including a two-story addition to the back of the theatre stage to create a suitable backstage area for the live performance venue.

Corning Museum of Glass, also in New York, won the Construction Management New award. The $64 million North Wing Expansion answered the Corning Museum of Glass’ need for additional space to accommodate larger, more complex installations of contemporary glass artwork for the annual 440,000 visitors from around the world. The 100,000-square-foot Contemporary Art + Design Wing expansion was managed by the joint venture team Gilbane+Welliver. The construction of a new 26,000 square-foot gallery space and the retrofit of the adjacent Steuben Glass Factory Ventilator Building to house the Hot Shop Amphitheater, created a venue for hot glass shows and live glass design sessions held by world-renowned artists.

Finally, the Ministry of Defense Headquarters was provided with an Award of Merit – International.  This project was completed by Gilbane Federal in Kabul, Afghanistan. It comprised a six-story, 414,000-square-foot building, housing ministry department offices, National Military Command Centers, administration, dining, kitchens, 936 fixed-seat auditorium to carry the core of Afghanistan National Army leadership, and command to bring all Ministry of Defense functions into a single facility.

The Alliant Build America Awards are a renowned honor for AGC members with the most outstanding projects. Winners are judged based on their project innovation, community relations, exceptional safety or any other outstanding construction achievement.

About Gilbane Building Company

Gilbane provides a full slate of construction and facilities-related services, from pre-construction planning and integrated consulting capabilities to comprehensive construction management, close-out and facility management services for clients across various markets. Founded in 1873 and still a privately held, family-owned company, Gilbane has more than 50 office locations around the world and is headquartered in Providence, Rhode Island.

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Public Health Command Laboratory Groundbreaking

Recently, the Walsh Gilbane JV joined the US Army Corps of Engineers, Baltimore District to break ground for its $206 million Public Health Command (PHC) Lab Replacement project located at Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland.

Distinguished guests and speakers included CH LTC David S. Bowerman, Lieutenant General Patricia D. Horoho, Lieutenant Colonel Kelly M. Halverson, Lieutenant Colonel Michael S. Ruppert, and Mr. John J. Resta. Attendees from the Walsh Gilbane JV Team included Matt Baker, Cody Barnes, Paul Choquette III, John Cirrincione, Heidi DeBenedetti, Jody Dillon, Bob Hinderliter, Bill Lefebvre, TJ Lyons, Steve O’Connor, Maggie Reed, Kevin Swain, Tyson Tibbets, Charlotte Triplett, and Sam Wengryn.

The Design Bid Build project includes the construction of more than 275,000 square feet of modern, consolidated medical research laboratory consisting of wet labs, field labs, vivarium under Good Laboratory Practices, offices, warehouses and a central utility plant.  The facility includes Anechoic Chambers, Insectary Chamber, and Laser Labs.  The new facility will help the Public Health Command to deal with emerging environment threats and health challenges for forces worldwide.  The Central Energy Plant will produce chilled water, hot water and steam to support the building with N+1 redundancy.    In addition, it will provide emergency power to approximately half the laboratory and entire vivarium with two 2000 kW generators.  The entire project is seeking LEED Silver certification.

About Walsh Gilbane JV

Walsh Gilbane is a joint venture of Walsh Federal, LLC and Gilbane Federal. Walsh Federal, LLC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the The Walsh Group, Ltd. and provides construction services to federal facilities. The Walsh Group is a 117-year old family-owned company providing general contracting, construction management and design-build services. The Walsh Group operates across 19 regional offices, and is listed as the 13th largest U.S. national contractor per Engineering News-Record, 2015. For more information, visit

Gilbane Federal is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Gilbane Building Company, and provides construction, fuels, and environmental-related services for government clients worldwide. Founded in 1873 and still a privately held, family-owned company, Gilbane is a global leader in construction management and design-build services with more than 50 office locations around the world. For more information, visit

Construction of the Army Institute of Public Health Command Laboratory

This Design-Bid-Build project includes the construction of a 279,574 sf modern, consolidated medical research laboratory consisting of wet labs, field labs, a vivarium under Good Laboratory Practices, offices, warehouses, and a central utility plant (CUP).


The Public Health Command (PHC) Lab Replacement project is located on 20 acres at Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD. The Design-Bid-Build project includes the construction of a 279,574 sf modern, consolidated medical research laboratory consisting of wet labs, field labs, a vivarium under Good Laboratory Practices, offices, warehouses, and a central utility plant. The facility includes Anechoic Chambers, an Insectary Chamber, and Laser Labs.
The new facility will help the Public Health Command to deal with emerging environment threats and health challenges for forces worldwide. The 43,000 sf CUP is designed to produce chilled water, hot water and steam to support the building with N+1 redundancy. It also provides emergency power to approximately half the laboratory and the entire vivarium with two 2000 kW generators.

The project is seeking LEED Silver certification.