Get Qualified

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Contractor registration is just a click away with Gilbane’s iBidPro. Gilbane's proprietary e. procurement system is a web-based application that streamlines the bidding process to save time and money for our clients and subcontractors. Subcontractors use iBidPro to submit bids and RFIs online, while Gilbane can instantly view and/or respond to the bids and any queries. 

The system generates automatic bid-comparison reports that can be transmitted to clients with greater speed and greater confidence in the accuracy of the data – delivering more prompt and accurate post-bid comparisons and award decisions. Online data retrieval is quick and convenient, so subcontractors have more time flexibility which enables them to ensure they have the most competitive bids. All trade contractors must pre-qualify using this online process to be eligible to receive bid invitations, proposal forms and other information on construction projects.


  • Streamlines bidding process saving clients time and money
  • Automatic bid comparisons transmitted directly to clients for informed decision-making
  • Strict subcontractor qualifications process protects our clients during volatile economic times