Gilbane University

“Gilbane University allows our employees to learn, do a far better job for our clients, as well as grow personally. It is critical to success in our strategies related to people and leadership, operational excellence and customer satisfaction, and profitability and sales.” Thomas F. Gilbane, Jr., Chairman and CEO

At Gilbane, Gilbane University (GU) is our investment in you and your career. We want to see you learn, grow, and get inspired.


Gilbane University drives superior performance by developing people to serve our clients worldwide.


Partner with business leaders to identify performance gaps and deploy measurable, company-wide learning solutions to achieve long term satisfaction, excellence and growth.

Developing the Best

For the past 10 years, Gilbane has been ranked one of the world’s top training organizations across all industries by Training Magazine.

GU offers a wide range of construction, project management and leadership educational experiences and resources for our employees, clients and partners, including:

  • Robust programs for all field and office positions
  • Comprehensive leadership development roadmap
  • Cutting edge technology training
  • Just in time learning tools
  • Customized training solutions
  • Project-specific coaching

GU empowers employees to shape their career and enhance their mind, to invest in themself and to reach their full potential as an employee and a person. Our industry is constantly changing and challenging us in new and exciting ways. At Gilbane, we want to rise to those challenges by investing in our employees’ ongoing development.

“GU allows the company to maintain a consistency of performance, which is key to achieving our ultimate goal: exceeding customer expectations.” 

 William J. Gilbane, Jr., President and COO

For more information on Gilbane University, please contact us at  and check out our GU Brochure.